Taylor is an accomplished and passionate musician with skills in composition, performance, songwriting, teaching, arranging, production, orchestration, studio recording, music theory/analysis, and conducting.

Taylor is well-versed in music genres, as a composer, producer, and pianist, including classical, blues, rock, pop, jazz, R&B, country, indie, orchestral, and choral.  He has played the piano since 1996, as a soloist, accompanist, and with different groups, including Brigham Young University's Jazz Ensemble. He has performed and entertained in many different venues and locations across the United States.  

Taylor graduated with a bachelor's degree in Commercial Music from Brigham Young University.  He works professionally as a composer, producer, performing pianist, arranger, orchestrator, accompanist, private music instructor, studio keyboardist, and songwriter.  His past projects include several film scores (Chile Fields, On A High Arid Plain, Women of Faith...), the music for the Gospel musical Clean This House, a song from the audio drama GREtRAYAL, an 82-minute orchestral symphony for the ancient Islamic poem The Mevlidi Sherif, and producing songs for various independent artists.